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Car Buyers FAQ

How much does delivery cost?

The delivery is free as is the driver pack including number plates. To keep it simple the price next to the product is the total that you will pay.

How fast will my ride on car go?

This will depend on the battery power. A 6 volt battery will operate the ride on at about 3mph. A 12 volt will go about 5mph.

Is there much assembly required?

All products require some assembly depending on the model. This could include adding the roll bars, wheels, steering wheel, seat, axles and/or mirrors.

Can I leave the battery on charge?

No, battery charge time must not exceed 10 hours or permanent damage to the cells will occur. The battery should also be charged every month when not in use.

What are the best surfaces for my ride on car to operate on?

12 Volt ride ons will go on most surfaces (tarmac, grass, gravel etc) 6 Volt ride ons are more suited to the harder tarmac surfaces but will operate on grass at a slower pace.

What are the differences between licensed and budget ride on cars?

Licensed vehicles are fully endorsed by the parent companies and carry the genuine badges on them. These brands include Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini etc. The build quality, paintwork and electrics are of a higher standard and are noticeable better than the budget range.
A car from the budget range may have small indentations, pressure marks, slight pigment differences, misaligned stickers, small scuffs or scratches present. Whilst the build quality might be lower the budget ride ons are great value for money and are packed with features such as, lights, remote control, music systems and more.
These Licensed vehicles enable you to own a genuine badged product with the great features of the budget range including MP3 input, lights, remote control and more.
Rastar Licensed products are manufactured to a very high standard and are easy to assemble. Dongma products although Licensed may have small paintwork imperfections and require more assembly.

What are the differences between 6 and 12 volt ride on cars?

The main differences are weight or age range, the surfaces they can drive over, run times and speed. 12 Volt ride ons will perform better on surfaces such as tarmac and grass, 6 Volt ride ons are for use on flat hard tarmac surfaces. 12 volt cars will generally take more weight so will operate at a higher age range. 3-5 years for 6 volt and 3-7 or 8 years for 12 volt. Age ranges are only estimated as children vary in shape and size. On average 6 volt cars will operate for 30-60 minutes, 12 volt cars will on average operate for 1-2 hours. Again these times will vary depending on certain factors such as weight and the surface the car is being driven over. A 6 volt battery will operate the ride on at about 3mph. A 12 volt will go about 5mph.